Tell Me Something Good About Retail
Tell Me Something Good About Retail

Episode · 1 year ago

Nick Ernst: We save the holidays for our customers


The shopping is firmly underway for a once-in-this-generation retail holiday season. Despite the fascination with supply chain shortages - consumers are buying.We’re talking marketing and a new Brightpearl survey reveals in their new study that 54% of us plan to shop on non-traditional shopping channels, like Alexa, TikTok and Pinterest, this holiday season. Are you prepared for more social buying!? 

About our guest:Founded by two brothers in 2017, Snap Supply was born from 40 years of experience within the appliance repair parts industry. Nick and Shawn Ernst are appliance repair professionals who have utilized their hands on experience to launch an appliance parts business that really knows how to take care of the customer.What initially began with Nick selling parts on Amazon and Ebay during his lunch break, quickly grew to become one of the most highly respected suppliers of appliance parts in the American Midwest. Today, the company trades across its new Shopify Plus-powered direct-to-consumer and wholesale websites, as well as multiple marketplaces, and stocks a wide range of item to support the appliance replacement parts community.

Links:Brightpearl ‘Tis The Season to be Scalable

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